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Joining the Enigma Code platform as a programming instructor in the Python language in any field of programming is by following certain steps, and you must also fulfill the necessary conditions in order for you to be accepted to publish your courses on our platform.
First, before submitting your application, you must have a trial course that is a set of video lessons (videos), whether on YouTube or on your device, otherwise you will have to take an online admission test, and after that the Enigmacode platform decides to accept you as a teacher or not based on the test result Demo
After accepting your application to join the Enigmacode platform as a Python teacher, you must know the following conditions, and continuing your work with the platform means, unconditionally, that you agree to these terms and conditions: - Before publishing any course on the platform, it is reviewed by the administration, and if it fulfills all the conditions, it will be published, and the conditions are that the course consists of more than 15 lessons from video clips and has a duration of no less than two hours and that the teacher is proficient in the scientific material and speaks In plain fluent language. Profits are shared between the teacher and the Enigmacode platform as follows: The teacher takes 70% of the profits and the platform suffices with only 30%. Profits for the teacher are sent to him via Paypal after 15 days have passed in his account. - In the event that the teacher withdraws from the platform, he may not delete the educational content that he posted on it.
To start publishing your courses on the Enigmacode platform, you must first know that the platform is specialized in the fields of Python only, such as the web field, desktop applications, data analysis, data science, mobile applications, cybersecurity, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Lessons are recorded in the form of video clips and the sound and image quality must be high, and the teacher must speak in a clear, understandable and proficient voice for the scientific material he provides. After you register the lessons, you can submit your application to join the platform as a Python teacher, and after your application is accepted, you can directly start publishing your courses on the platform and marketing them to start your career as a professional Python teacher